2014 Qingdao Urban Construction is expected to invest more than 130 billion
Category: News
Author: Pauline Carter
Time :01-06

The investment objective is expected to be completed in 2014, more than 130 billion yuan


2014, Qingdao City Construction aspects of this year's work will be mainly in urban construction, road repair, etc.. 2014 continued urban construction and urban fixed asset investment in economic construction, expected completion target of more than 130 billion yuan, more than 10 billion yuan more than in 2013. The second aspect to continue to strengthen housing construction, including the rebuilding of old housing, rural housing construction, "reform" projects and rural reconstruction, including the 7000 and 3000 shantytown ramshackle. In addition, this year will expand shantytown residents renovation subsidies, the current subsidized mainly the main city, this year will be gradually expanded to the whole city.

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