experienced iron slag beneficiation company india
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Time :03-18

Slag utilization project allow the company resource utilization goes a step further. Using magnetic separation process and wet milling process, the annual processing furnace slag 240,000 tons. After a simple iron selection process can be recycled. Waste and milling tailings are left in the particle size less than 20mm. These can be used in cement, brick, paving. The production line can protect the environment. And created great economic benefits. We are experienced iron slag beneficiation company india .

experienced iron slag beneficiation company india

Slag processing production line with a set of advanced technology, the processing capacity of the domestic advanced level. Maximize extracted from the slag and steel slag recycling, improve the comprehensive utilization of steel slag.

Formed by the construction of new production lines. Management agencies, and the work of a clear division of labor, for the smooth conduct of steel slag recycling work has provided a guarantee. Organize relevant personnel at the scene in time tracking, improving production technology and management tools. For the problems, an improved method. To slag recycling equipment has laid a good foundation.

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