The present mobile crusher in domestic market
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Construction waste on our environment with extensive erosion, construction waste for long-term regardless of the attitude, if implemented, then for urban sanitation, housing and living conditions, land quality assessment have adverse effects. After the first pile of construction waste a lot of land, it will reduce the quality of the soil, reduce soil productivity; construction waste piling up in the air, affecting air quality, some of the dust particles suspended in the air, harmful to human health; construction waste in the process of stacking , the long-term accumulation of construction waste is hazardous substances seep into the ground water, pollution of the water environment; If construction debris piled up in the city, then to the urban environment, aesthetics are negative; construction waste piled there may be some security risks, anytime Some incidents may occur.
The present mobile crusher in domestic market

Before most of the construction waste was taken to the landfill, only a little was used as building materials of temporary road. However in the foreign countries, they have used recycled concrete to process building aggregate for building construction long time ago. This can not only make construction process more environment-friendly, but also improve the ability of self-sufficiency in building materials. KFD adopts the international advanced technology to produce the latest multi-function mobile construction waste crushing plant. With the stable performance, the construction waste disposal equipment won the customers’ favor. The equipment can successfully crush construction waste into recycled aggregate. According to the different sizes, the recycled aggregates can be used for regeneration bricks, recycled concrete, cement stabilized layer materials, filling materials, etc., successfully promoting the development of the urban economy.In the technology improvement of the mobile crushing plant, KFD increases the scientific research strength and promotes independent innovation. The quality index of KFD mobile crushing plant has caught up with the international advanced level in KFD. Mobile crushing station integrates feeding, crushing, screening and conveying processing equipment together, through process optimization to make it have the great rock crushing, aggregate production, open-pit mining crushing operation performance. Through the different type combination, they can constitute a powerful crushing line to finish the processing work.

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